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Guide Rules, Tripods, Lenses & Detectors for Laser Levels

Pick up accessories to get the most functionality possible out of your laser measurement tools. At Toolbarn you'll find the targets, detectors, enhancement glasses, and tripods that will enable you to use your laser equipment to it's full potential.
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  • Spectra C59 Rod Clamp for HR350

    Rod Clamp for HR350

    SKU C59
  • Spectra RC601 Laser Unit Remote Control

    MSRP: $125.00


    Laser Unit Remote Control

    SKU RC601
  • DEWALT DW0737 Laser Tripod

    MSRP: $102.90


    Laser Tripod

    SKU DW0737
  • Bosch LR2 Line Laser Reciever

    MSRP: $175.00


    Line Laser Receiver

    SKU LR2
    $20 off Select Bosch Orders Over $100 - See Exclusions
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