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Template Guides & Edge Guides for Routers

With a router template guide you'll have what you need to provide professional-quality results for many common routing applications. Whether you need a complete kit, such as a cylindrical lock boring kit, or a single component, such as an edge guide, you'll find it at Toolbarn.
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  • Mini Dovetail Template Kit

    MSRP: $126.63


    Porter Cable
    Mini Dovetail Template Kit

    SKU 4215
  • Lockface Templet

    MSRP: $491.95


    Porter Cable
    Lockface Templet

    SKU 517
    Free Shipping
  • Prazi PR-3900 ChestMate Dove Tail Jig

    MSRP: $118.80


    ChestMate Dove Tail Jig

    SKU PR-3900

    Out of stock

  • Straight Edge Guide

    MSRP: $27.40


    Straight Edge Guide

    SKU 123058-3
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