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Wood Shaper Accessories

Whether you need a mobile base for your wood shaper, a roller stand to handle longer pieces, or any other accessory to expand the functionality of your wood shaper, you can find it at Toolbarn.
  • JWL-1221VS Stand

    MSRP: $454.29


    JWL-1221VS Stand

    SKU 719202
    Free Shipping
  • Jet 719203 JWL-1221VS Stand Extension

    MSRP: $122.86


    JWL-1221VS Stand Extension

    SKU 719203
  • Delta 46-462 Midi-Lathe Stand

    MSRP: $295.80


    Midi-Lathe Stand

    SKU 46-462
  • Delta 46-490 Tailstock Ball Bearing Center

    MSRP: $61.20


    Tailstock Ball Bearing Center

    SKU 46-490