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Hand Drills and Manual Augers

Plumbers and carpenters will appreciate the flexibility and dependibility of hand held augers and drills for applications where electric tools either aren't available or aren't suitable.
  • K3 Closet Auger

    MSRP: $45.32


    K3 Closet Auger

    SKU 59787
  • K-1 Combination Auger

    MSRP: $87.56


    K-1 Combination Auger

    SKU 46683
  • K-6 DH Toilet Auger

    MSRP: $85.50


    K-6 DH Toilet Auger

    SKU 59802
  • KWIK-SPIN Hand Spinner with AUTOFEED Trigger

    MSRP: $39.62


    KWIK-SPIN Hand Spinner

    SKU 41348