Band Clamps & Web Clamps

Some pieces aren't easily clamped and held in place by straight-edged clamps. In those cases, a band clamp can be used to adjust to any shape.
  • Bessey SVH400 Flooring Strap Clamp

    MSRP: $31.62


    Flooring Strap Clamp

    SKU SVH400
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  • Malco Tools DS2 DS2 Offset Duct Stretcher

    DS2 Offset Duct Stretcher

    SKU DS2
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  • Malco Tools DS1 Duct Stretcher

    Duct Stretcher

    SKU DS1
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  • Malco Tools DS3 Locking Duct Stretcher

    MSRP: $38.16


    Locking Duct Stretcher

    SKU DS3