Voltage Detectors

A voltage detector is the perfect tool to quickly inspect and verify the voltage of electricity passing through an electrical cable. With a hand-held voltage detecting tool from Toolbarn, you'll be able to get the job done.
  • 50 - 1000V AC Voltage Detector

    MSRP: $18.50


    50 - 1000V AC Voltage Detector

    SKU 2200-20
  • Ideal 61-501 GFI Receptacle Tester

    GFI Receptacle Tester

    SKU 61-501
  • Clamp Meter for HVAC/R

    MSRP: $489.50


    Clamp Meter for HVAC/R

    SKU 2236-20NST
    Free Shipping
  • Fork Meter HVAC/R (NIST)

    MSRP: $386.50


    Fork Meter HVAC/R (NIST)

    SKU 2206-20NST
    Free Shipping